Chain & Chain Construction LLC

 tel: 210 778 3933       

 address: 10010 San Pedro Ave. Suite 620, San Antonio Tx. 78216 

We boost the creation of business in the real estate sector, focusing on the construction and administration of condominiums, individual, and multi-family residences in the state of Texas.
Sierra Madre Real Estate, LLC. and Chain&Chain Construction, LLC, (its affiliated company), operate since 1999 in San Antonio, Texas.
We provide investors that wish to participate in the real estate business with project opportunities in the United States of America.  

This offer includes every aspect of what the sector has to offer, such as finding the best property, obtaining bank credits, construction and service licenses, research on feasibility and profitability, engineering projects, building construction, tenant screening and management.

Eduardo Cadena is the president of the company. He is a talented Civil Engineer with a degree from the prestigious Tecnológico de Monterrey University. Since 1998 he lives and works in San Antonio, Texas, developing the innovative and ingenious business we offer today.  This includes important financial, engineering, and marketing skills investors need to thrive.

During the last ten years, the company Mr. Cadena runs has acquired vast experience.  The bedrock of his success is based on honesty and professional quality, making every client a loyal friend.

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